SFL Team members

Wesley Goh


Wesley is an Economics & Finance Undergraduate at the University of Western Australia & Student Leader at SFL SG. He idolizes Roger Federer, and blames his shoulder injury for his altered career path.

Danny Koordi


Danny is currently an audit associate with KPMG Singapore, and volunteers at SFL as content manager/editor. He also runs SFL's podcast, the Economical Rice Podcast, where he indulges in his love of economics, history, and chillhop music.

Yew Chii Ming


Chii Ming graduated from NUS with a bachelor's in Engineering. He enjoys running, idolizes Ron Paul, and reckons that the worst $10 he ever spent was to watch The Force Awakens.

Donovan Choy

Staff member

Donovan is currently pursuing a Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) with a specialisation in Austrian Economics at CEVRO Institute in Prague. He enjoys satire, Spaghetti Westerns, the Wu-Tang Clan and is an advocate of logic, laughter and liberty.

Terence Chong

Staff member

Terence is a Liberal Arts undergraduate at Yale-NUS College Singapore. He is a history geek, wrestling fanboy, and enjoys meaningful conversations over a glass of whiskey, preferably smoky.

Robert Tucker

Staff member

Robert is a PhD student in chemical biology/biochemistry at NUS. He is a huge Hayek fanboy, ardent believer and promoter of free markets, and hopes that the world will be free enough to enjoy when he discovers the elixir of immortality.